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<p>Divided training and educating customers on the prevention of fire hazards measures to</p> <p>1. dealers Tjayh obtaining a license issued by the Municipality and Planning Department: is calculated by the number of beneficiaries of the service according to the degree of seriousness of the facility in which they operate in accordance with the classification listed in the UAE code.</p> <p>2. dealers belonging to government departments and the coordination between the Department of Civil Protection and the circle on the training site, according to the UAE code, it does not calculate any fees to the government departments.</p> .

Documentation required for the issuance of a certificate interpolation image license / image Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Photo identity sponsor / site / image of the lease scheme / detection of workers and employees Inspection shall be established according to the activity and asked to reveal the workers to see the number and percentage of them to take the training mandatory fees (ie, mandatory training) And the payment via e-dirham or bank card And fees by activity described in the license You can apply by e-network (Onlineline) For further information, please go to the list (e-services) in the Civil Defence General Command Website.


You can visit our office (find the locations in Service Centers Menu ) or direct link : https://es.adcd.gov.ae


Review Prevention and Safety Section at the General Administration of Civil Defense center to register for the first time and then will be your training on the system by specialists in the system


1-Required papers for issuing certificate of fulfillment : License copy , copy of chamber of commerce & industry membership, sponsor's ID copy,location plan, leasing contract copy and copy of the staff list from the labor department.
2-The inspection is according to the establishment's activities, staff list is required for the highly endangered groups to know their number, to take a part of them for training with mandatory fees ( means that the training is mandatory). 3-Payment shall be by Electronic Dirham or credit card. 4-Fees value according to the activity stated in the license. 5-Submission can be online : https://es.adcd.gov.ae/

https://es.adcd.gov.ae/usermanual_en.pdf please, use the above stated link, it is a file that provides you with the registration steps and completing transactions via internet. .

Stores are warehouses: imposed fees are: AED 1000 to be paid by E- Dirham. Required papers:- Municipality approval form of labor accommodation or warehouse, license copy, valid certificate of fulfillment , lease contract , location plan and license owner's ID.

<p>Issuing Certificate of requirements fulfillment by submitting license copy, lease contract, license owner&#39;s ID, copy of chamber of commerce &amp; industry&#39;s membership location plan, establishment&#39;s staff list and fees Electronic Dirham 510</p> .