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Civil Defense launches safety campaign in industrial zones

Civil Defense launches safety campaign in industrial zones


Marzouki: Continuous inspection campaigns for prevention and safety

Abu Dhabi

As part of the implementation of the EHSMS (Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Management System), the General Directorate of Civil Defense, in cooperation with its regional administrations, has coordinated with the Department of Security Media at the Ministry of Interior the "Safety in the Industrial Areas" , As part of the public awareness plan launched by the General Command earlier this year, and to strengthen the principles of partnership with the community and its institutions.

Major General Jassem Mohammed Al Marzouqi, Commander of Civil Defense said that the campaign "Safety in the industrial zones" comes in accordance with the strategy of the Ministry of the Interior, And aims to identify the risk areas in industrial facilities to provide the prevention and safety of workers and the dissemination of a culture of preventive education among these groups, Through the percentage of employees in each facility by size, activity and degree of seriousness on training courses for the basics of preventive safety and fire control, And the methods of dealing with the fire in its beginnings, following the necessary instructions in case of occurrence, as well as the methods of prevention and safety to be followed by them to avoid the occurrence of fire incidents, Pointing out that most of the fires resulted from lack of interest and low awareness of the risks by some owners and users of enterprises in industrial areas.

Major General Jassim Al Marzouqi explained that the General Directorate of Civil Defense in cooperation with its regional administrations has prepared a comprehensive awareness plan that will be implemented throughout the year, including distribution of hundreds of thousands of awareness publications in the three Arabic, English and Urdu languages ​​to all establishments in the industrial areas of the country to reach the largest segment of society , These publications contain a list of protection and safety requirements in factories, warehouses and permanent and temporary workers' houses, with guidance boards for the prevention of hazardous materials in each facility, Pointing out that the fires and the resulting risks and disadvantages, and how to prevent them, And the procedures to be followed to avoid them is an important awareness of the General Directorate of Civil Defense of the utmost importance through the dissemination of a culture of prevention and safety among members of the community to promote awareness through preventive means of continuity in the various media and social networking sites in addition to the implementation and launch of initiatives and programs Targeted activities, Stressing that the commitment of members of society to apply preventive measures and conditions at all sites reduces the Probability of fires.

Major General Marzouki pointed out that the General Directorate of Civil Defense is working to develop performance and improve the services provided in the industrial zones by the civil defense, an inspection plan was prepared for the facilities in accordance with the best international practices implemented by the civil defense inspectors. They carry out a field survey of all facilities and buildings in the industrial zones in the country throughout the year, In order to carry out the work of inspection and identification of risks and evaluation, and remove the irregularities in each emirate in accordance with the regulations and laws in force and the standards of the new Emirates code.